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MYOB Travel Platform

Meet Kudos – navigate travel management with ease

Kudos Travel allows you to navigate the complexities of travel by uniting all of your booking platforms, safety information and travel requirements in one place.

Kudos Travel empowers Travel Agents, Travel Managers and Travellers themselves to access all of their information in one simple platform.

By taking all of the fragmented information from booking tools, flight portals, government websites, health updates and more, Kudos compiles everything you need.

Kudos Travel brings travel convenience right at your fingertips.

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Kudos Profiles

Kudos Profiles allows end-users to effortlessly capture, control and synchronise important traveller data. It recognises passport data, visa requirements and more.
  • Manage all personal information in a single profile master
  • Automatically synchronise profile data with 3rd parties
  • Support for all major booking tools, GDS and other systems
  • Be secure with GDPR and PCI-DSS compliance
Kudos Profiles
Kudos Request

Kudos Request

Kudos Request streamlines offline travel requests and pre-trip approvals. It can be configured to manage travel policy, approval flows and destination risk advice.
  • Remove the reliance on emails and improve efficiency
  • Have a single view between traveller, approver and travel agent
  • Customise your business needs with highly configurable workflows

Kudos Credits

Kudos Credits gives users a full view of all available ticket credits. It also provides upfront alerts as credit expiry approaches and is integrated with OBTs to guarantee convenient use.
  • Provide full visibility of ticket credits at traveller or company view
  • Maximise spend and minimize loss by applying to bookings
  • Never miss another expiry date with automatic alerts
Kudos Credits
Kudos Care

Kudos Care

Kudos Care is a rich-featured, duty of care tool that provides 24/7 alert monitoring, notification, traveller identification and two-way communication through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Be informed of the latest travel alert data 24/7
  • Quickly identify your travellers based on location or timeframe
  • Easily communicate with travellers no matter their location

Kudos Trips

Kudos Trips provides full visibility of all travel records so travellers and travel arrangers can access all past, current and future trips in one place.
  • Have a single view of all trips, regardless of source
  • Retrieve a simple and dynamic itinerary display
  • Stay informed with upfront information
  • See real-time travel alerts and flight status updates
Kudos Trips
Kudos Travel Check

Kudos Travel Check

In line with the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Kudos Travel Check has been specifically designed for travellers, travel arrangers and agents to identify the various travel and entry requirements, easily and accurately, for over 220 countries.
  • Check visa, entry, vaccination and Covid-19 requirements
  • Easily validate complex itineraries and traveller nationalities
  • Improve efficiencies with automated checks

Kudos Zeus

Kudos Zeus is a virtual personal assistant that provides practical access to information using natural language. Travellers can use this to retrieve any information and ask questions via text or voice.
  • Simplify how travellers and travel arrangers interact
  • Easily access traveller and trip details from itinerary to flight status
  • Zeus adds a whole new level of convenience in travel
Kudos Zeus

I now have one log in to view all travellers,
book through either country through one
tool, with access to reporting
details covering both countries.

Julie Hughes, MYOB

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