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The Kudos Travel Platform empowers Travel Management Companies, Travel Program Managers and business travellers to efficiently, intelligently and effectively manage critical aspects of the corporate travel program, consistently saving time and money.

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MYOB Travel Platform

Empowering your
travel program.

Our solutions are all about streamlining the travel process,
combining clever integration with airline and travel systems so
travellers and travel bookers concentrate on their real work and
not be wasting time and money managing their travel plans.

Kudos Travel is fully mobilised so accessible anywhere,
anytime, on any device.

Travel Management Companies can provide their clients with
a customised, branded platform that becomes the integral
component, embedded in the client's travel program.

Kudos has many years' experience developing corporate travel
technology and providing the necessary integration to GDS,
Online Booking Tools and third party systems.

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Kudos Profiles

For many organisations, managing traveller profile information
is cumbersome and time consuming, with the travel agent
not providing suitable technology to make this a simple process.

Kudos Travel Technology understands the need for simplicity,
easy access to data, accuracy and efficiency.

Kudos Profiles provides clients with a very functional and very useable solution that allows them to easily control their important traveller data.

Kudos Profiles
Kudos Request

Kudos Request

Creating travel requests can be a messy and time consuming exercise.

It is imperative that the travel request can be created quickly and accurately so the approver and the travel agent clearly understand the travel requirements.

Kudos Request has been providing travellers and travel arrangers for many years with a configurable, easy to use travel request solution, which automatically manages the travel request based on the organisation’s desired workflow.

Kudos Request is integrated with travel and incident alerts to ensure that travellers or travel arrangers are notified during the request and booking process and also pre-trip and during trip.

Automated Visa checks are also applied during the request process. Organisations can have staff concentrating on doing their job and making money, not wasting time with antiquated travel booking processes.


Kudos Credits

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for travellers to adhere to travel policy for many organisations.

These processes are generally inefficient, can evolve into quite a paper trail, meaning approvals can take many more hours or days than they should to be processed. Delays in approvals can mean higher airfares as ticketing time limits can pass and flights need to be rebooked.

  • Visibility to all ticket credits
  • Ticket credit alerts
  • Automatic updates to the OBT
  • Ticket credits can be easily used as an online booking form of payment
  • If consultant assistance is required, it’s simple to select the ticket credit and create a travel request
  • With our integrated solution, you always know what unused ticket credits are available, and using them is very simple and fast.
  • Never lose a dollar of unused ticket credits again
Kudos Credits
Kudos Care

Kudos Care

Caring for travellers is the highest of priorities, an integral component of any travel program.

Kudos Care enables traveller tracking anywhere in the world using either a graphical map view or route map view, with visibility of traveller’s full itinerary.

Kudos Care aggregates travel alert data globally from government bodies and other highly credentialed sources 24/7, instantly communicating with travel program managers and directly with travellers that might be affected.

Kudos Care's graphical traveller tracking solution enables travellers to be easily located and communicated with via e-mail or Two-Way SMS.

Kudos Trips

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for travellers to adhere to travel policy for many organisations.

For travel arrangers, they can view all trips they’ve booked for travellers.

Duty of Care is always a priority and Kudos Trips is integrated with travel advice and incident alerts, highlighting warnings related to itinerary destinations.

Kudos Trips

I now have one log in to view all travellers,
book through either country through one
tool, with access to reporting
details covering both countries.

Julie Hughes, MYOB

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